• ER-055

     Trans ER-055 is a low viscosity modified liquid epoxy resin based on Besphenol-A. It is crystallization free resin with attractive processing properties. It is specially modified with super clear diluent to give prefect wetting and adhesion to most substrates. 

    Trans ER-055 has a excellent mechanical strength and resistance to chemicals.

    Trans ER-055 can be cured or cross linked with a variety of Epoxy Hardeners depending on properties desired in the finished products and processing conditions employed. This can be suitable formulated into high strength adhesive, solvent free coatings and floor toppings. Combined with Aliphatic Polyamines, Polyamidoamines or their adducts (Aliphatic and Aromatic) and Polyamides. Some commonly used Epoxy Hardeners with recommended concentrations, typical cure schedules employed in major end use applications are Trans Epoxy Hardeners EH-030 / EH-540 / EH-100 / EH-150 / EH-200 SV.


    Application :

    Protective coatings, filling, sealing of small and wider cracks, pin-holes & medium-holes. Suitable for marble, granites and all type of stones to enhance brightness and colour of stone. Excellent penetration and good gloss can be achieved after curing and polishing. Reinforcement with fiber net application, bonding of old to new concrete, heavy duty foundation groutings, industrial heavy duty floor toppings and water proofing etc.