• ER-031 with EH-030

    TO-BondTM Standard Epoxy Adhesive have the following outstanding properties : It is a room temperature curing epoxy adhesive in paste form, it gives excellent adhesive to many different materials. • Great strength toughness and resistance • Excellent resistence to chemical attack and moisture • Outstanding electrical insulating properties • Absence of volatility on curing and negligible shrinkage • Other epoxy Resins/Curing agents for bonding, surface coating, lamination and concrete repairs are also available.

    For best results :- * Roughen, dry and degrease surfaces to be bonded. *Squeeze out equal by volume, from both bottles. * Mix thoroughly, the mixture must be used within it’s pot life of 30-45 Minutes (at room temperature, 20°-30°). * Clamp joint overnight as TO-BondTM sets.