• EH-150

    Trans EH-150 is a low-viscosity, modified cycloaliphatic, accelerated polyamine hardener. Trans 150 commonly used in combination with suitable epoxy resins such as Trans ER-055 / ER-077 / ER-088 / ER-099. It is suitable for the production of solvent free floorings, epoxy resins mortars and anti corrosive coatings.

    Trans EH-150 used with suitable resins make it a low level viscosity, making it easy to work, high level of reactivity with adequate working time which can be extended with the proportional use of less reactive hardener, very good curing property, good mechanical properties, high chemical resistance, smooth glossy, non tacky cured films, good corrosion protector, Good colour stability etc., Recommended Mix ratio is 50% to 60%. Shelf Life 1 Year up to 40 Degree Centigrade.